It safely cleans painted walls, woodwork, tile, vinyl and wall coverings. How about durability? I’ve read comments elsewhere about DIYers saying this floor is difficult to install as the tabs break off easily. Question: Will the appliances mark the flooring over time? He said if you have floating floor, you have to start at the wall closest to the plank you want to remove and remove all the way from the wall to the plank. Planks are available in a variety of beautiful wood-grain looks. We used the old subfloor that was already there, but replaced a few pieces that had been damaged at some time before we bought the house. We recommend using Zep Neutral Cleaner to clean the floor. I understand a “floating floor” should be able to shift slightly. Any ideas on how to make the floors even? Hi Megan! But there are so many options when it comes to LVP– it can be tough to know how to choose. I plan to install lifeproof in my home. it is built in!”…..They were wrong. Today I want to highlight this amazing homemade hummus recipe that takes only 10 minutes to make AND it tastes better than anything you'd get at the grocery store! Will it work and will the warranty be valid. We were replacing worn out berber carpet – and installed the vinyl right over concrete bsmt floor- staff at HD said “no problem” and “no underlay required! Also, if that is not advisable could I use underlayment – so I would not to have to scrape off the old glue? Biggest waste of money. But not scratch-proof, unfortunately. I am also considering lifeproof vinyl. Anyone know if the levels are problematic or what amount of PVC is in this flooring? The expansive cushion on the bottom of the bottom of the lifeproof vinyl flooring is designed to easily fill such gaps. Hi, And vinyl flooring has a shorter lifespan than hardwood flooring. It makes me cry just looking at it. Answered by: The Home Depot Canada Date published: 2020-05-05 Just spoke with our installer – he said since it contracts and expands – it will void the warranty. Some of the 6 mm thick planks are residential, residential/ light commercial, and commercial. Prep work is essential for trouble-free installs! This vinyl flooring is easy to install because it has a floating and interlocking installation type. They all dry quickly so that you can proceed directly to your install, often within the same day. Typically cutting out the loose areas of the sheet vinyl is all you would have to do. I am not a happy camper. McKrackin must sell plywood. How bout off gassing of these chemicals? I had the same issue. What do you recommend for a house with high traffic from people and pets? Noise now (especially footsteps, things being dropped) is intolerable. Yes, you MUST put a vapor barrier down over basement concrete slabs before installing a LVP floor. They could not answer my question but gave me a sample piece I took home and tested. In one spot it has no give. I don’t understand the bad reviews at all. Floor has to be taken up to see the cause. I wish I could post a picture. Worried about how it scratches. Home depot said vapor barrier not needed. It should have been leveled and has even cracked. Looks beautiful. Looking to instal in a condo with concrete between floors. There is a difference. Are there any patterns that are available in both the waterproof LVP and water resistant LVP? This product will not perform well for the sunroom you are considering. Do i need a vapor barrier? Can either or both brush rolls really damage Lifeproof vinyl planking? The planks generally cost a little less than $3 per square foot and a case covers around 20 square feet. ft. over plywood subfloor. I have been looking at different flooring for the whole house. Grinding down high spots and filling lows will give excellent results. I bought a gallon of Zep ph neutral at Home Depot for less than $10. Stains must be from normal household cleaning aids, chemicals, or routine maintenance. I am reading all of these reviews about scratching and while the area I did has many throw rugs and infrequently moved chairs, I have never had a scratch or mar. So if your kid dribbles o.j. Driving a car onto it would also risk popping the click-lock joints. But if needed, you can simply replace damaged planks with new ones. It looks good, but I definitely need to put down some larger area rugs. A lot of my family and friends use it now as I recommend it so often. Thank you for your question. Pros know that cleaning walls and painted surfaces requires a delicate touch. We tested a number of samples and types of flooring before we chose this one and this resisted scratching better, by far. I am just curious as to why you say this.. in ALL CAPS nonetheless? LifeProof is not ADA approved. We are laying it in a basement that will be used as a home gym so I’m gonna live with it but probably won’t buy Lifeproof again. I’m currently doing our whole home in it. Hi Tony. sand,tiny pebbles or something because our dogs can’t destroy it. I just purchased 54 boxes of the Lifeproof 12mil vinyl flooring. Sterling oak in 1 bedroom, Choice oak in 2 other bedrooms and Alpine Backwoods in all the other areas. If they run through and slide, you will see the marks. We have a 1000lb gun safe. Where is lifeproof made? From my observance the lifeproof won even though it has only a 6 mil wear layer. I’m sold on this lifeproof. I’ll never get up from under that one. Can you tell me about the possible VOC’s and/or dioxin content of this vinyl? The temperature range is 50F-100F. It scratches super easy and sucks because I’m constantly tiptoeing on it to make sure I don’t scratch it. It also suffers temperature variations. Plus, LifeProof floors are formaldehyde-free and phthalate-free. Right now I am using a Zep Professional 32 oz spray bottle to hold my homemade shower cleaner. I bought Ruggables and the rug pad is fine for the LifeProof LVP flooring. What’s more, LifeProof is 100% waterproof so you can install the flooring in humid environments. Susan, as long as the thermostat is kept below 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the floor should perform well. Thoughts? I want to add an underlayment to increase height a little. This flooring may work for a sedentary home with chihuahua’s but not for active adults with children and retrievers. So utterly disappointed. Would not use this flooring again. Slippery when wet? No, due to the concentrated weight on the click-lock joints. Does the rubber backing deteriorate after time? You can never get flooring perfectly fitted up to the toilet. What a huge waste of money! BUT, the reviews that say it’s hard to damage and it’s scratch resistant. I’ve updated this guide with corrections re: mil (NOT mm) & the clarification re: installation over existing floors. Chose it because it is waterproof. Is this Lifeproof vinyl truly allergy proof. And, for that matter, all of your other helpful contributions. It was actually chipping, from the flooring, itself. Salt water pool, would it stain or degrade the product? You’ll also appreciate that there is a pre-attached underlayment on each board. turning white wear my I get on and off my bar stool at kitchen counter and wear my dogs lay in same spot I am very disappointed with this floor. My question is this: When you put your furniture in place and it has been sitting there for a while, and then the wife decides to rearrange the room, will the furniture leave a big imprint like it does in carpet? I have been a nurse since 1997. One and 7/8 plywood underlay is crazy! Flooring should be taken up to inspect for any moisture on the subfloor after a flood. This is one of the reasons we are considering lifeproof. The latest trend that many homeowners are going with is luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. says: It’s typically fine under standard rolling appliances, but specific concerns should be reviewed with your installer. We had a plumbing problem and water got under our seasoned wood lvp and came up between cracks. Many of the non-slide things for under rugs are also vinyl, so I’m still bare-floored and not loving it. I know that I’ve encountered small problems with PVC type materials in the past ( i.e. What the fork product did you purchase? We are thinking about installing this in the next home in place of tile and / or wood. Nicole, I have seen many mixed reviews about scratches in this flooring. Is this ok to do? Even installed outside warranted temperatures, your opinion on how this product will perform, and longevity, Your email address will not be published. Well, a 72″ double vanity with granite top is pretty darn heavy and is a type of cabinet. Also, I’m using 9/16″ moulding so that’ll at least give it an extra 1/16″ inch of overlap. With larger dogs, that run when the doorbell rings, it could be an issue. Not what I was looking for living in the state of Alaska where we have harsh winters and bring all sorts of stuff inside on our shoes. I installed Lifeproof Vinyl in my motor home on a good level floor and it has buckled in the center of the floor. That’s why you spend the extra cash — otherwise, laminate would do the trick a lot cheaper. My only concern is putting this on a concrete basement floor. I hope this eases your mind and that you have an easy time with your install and love it as much as they do! That would be true for hardwood or laminate, as well. It protects against harmful allergens and is not overladen with harmful chemicals like some other vinyl flooring. Would water being on it for a few hours damage it? Ray, what 12mil options do they have? When it comes to durability, nothing comes close to LifeProof luxury vinyl planks. I then rubbed both pieces together face to face real hard and no marks or scratches on either. Set the temperature of the radiant heating system to 68°F 48 hours before, during, and 72 hours after installation. I can tell you most items that are “waterproof” are NOT urine proof. below the surface of the concrete slab and should be operating at least 2 weeks before installation. While all situations may not require one, a very small expansion gap should be left around the perimeter during installation as an extra safety precaution. What Is Comparable To LifeProof Vinyl Flooring? You can tell by their warranty period. We have it in our living room, with two Lhasa Apsos, who are If you slide your furniture around instead of lifting it up, will this stuff tear? Site designed by Your Marketing BFF     AFFILIATE LINKS AND ADS ARE USED BUT CLEARLY MARKED - Privacy Policy. Proper leveling is everything when installing vinyl, because over time even the thickest planks (Lifeproof is approx. I just woke up spills soon after the mishap. If you can’t decide which color or finish to choose, you can request free samples of this flooring to take home. Fading must be to the point where the flooring is completely discolored. (Yes, believe it or not, many companies hire social media people to manage their reputations online. Works well removing the grunge that accumulates on … At the worst case scenario, you can fill any small gaps with cualking for appearance. There are some cheap, low-quality vinyl products on the market that will chip, warp, and fade over time. How many years can you expect this flooring to last before replacement is necessary? Can this product be used in a RV where the temperature can reach 90 degrees in summer and also – 15 degrees in the winter? Use equal parts Dawn + vinegar. Went in easy and is just an all-around great floor. Today we put Zep Heavy Duty Foaming Degreaser up against Super Clean Foaming Degreaser in head to head cleaning and degreasing!! Thank you in advance. No, LifeProof vinyl flooring doesn’t need a vapor barrier. PVC is used in every home from the PVC plumbing you use for water to the raincoats you put on and the IV tubing used at hospitals. It was a total waste of money. Find Zep cleaning supplies at Lowe's today. Am I better off putting this flooring down after the cabinets are installed? Will putting the new flooring under the cabinets prevent this? Says you can use a mop to clean, but can you use a steam mop? Thanks for your time. I just did the bathroom floor about 2 months ago. I have Fresh Oak rigid luxury vinyl planks, 12 mil thick. I can’t get the flooring clean. we installed over our tile and did not fill in the grout lines and have had no issues whatsoever. No vapor barrier. I use a spin mop and mop it three times, the first pass is the worst but the next 2nd and 3rd look the same. Should we replace the flooring even after we put fans around and had plumbing issue resolved? I always avoid caulking around the base of commodes. Can this be fixed or did I use the wrong product ? The same with the other planks. Shaw offers vinyl plank flooring with a fiberglass core that’s made with virgin vinyl. Reply. So watch out for that. Never use felt or tar paper under vinyl ! I’m having some trouble understanding what is meant by temperature control. You must, however, keep the floor temperature below 85 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid damaging the floor and likely voiding the warranty. Hi, I’m a contractor for over 20 years. Sounds like a poor installment job to me. It is really interesting that people are having trouble with Lifeproof vinyl planks.I have had it for two years on my basement floor which is concrete and have had zero problems,no scratches,no anything.Like any flooring if you drag heavy abrasive things it my scratch.People seem to think it’s supposed to be indescribable. Hindsight……. It has plenty of sheen as it is & already has a urethane wear layer on top. Installed in a back porch area where people come in from the outside. The Installation instructions inside the packages of flooring state very clearly to NOT use this product in an area prone to flooding or overly wet. This flooring is waterproof but not flood-proof.